Do you want your business and your employees to go FAR?

We can help! Velocity offers both personal and professional goal-setting workshops to organizations, businesses, and non-profits.

Personal Goal Setting Workshop for Groups

If you are interested in developing the personal growth of your group, we will happily customize our personal goal-setting workshop for your needs.  We will come on-site to deliver a high-octane workshop that will energize your team to succeed!  Contact us via email or at (202) 670-4625 for more information.

Professional Goal Setting & Team Building Workshop

Our professional goal-setting course is designed to get your team working with the same values and vision towards the same goals, starting TODAY.  We want you to go FAR!

Focus: What are the group's core values?  Are these core values practiced or aspirational?  What is the group's vision for the future of the organization and/or their team?

Alignment: Are the current tasks and goals aligned to your teams core value and vision?  If not, how can you create new goals that are aligned?

Results: Is your team focused on results?  What metrics are you using to ensure success?  What KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are being collected along the way?  Are your team's goals SMART?

Want more information or a quotation for our professional goal-setting workshop? Contact us via email or at (202) 670-4625 for more information.