Personal coaching is often misunderstood.  Coaching is often thought of much like a sports coach – someone that tells you what to do, pushes you, gives you lots of advice, and holds you accountable.

At Velocity, we equate being a coach with being your partner or consultant on matters pertaining to optimum performance in your life.  We want to take you from good to great by getting to know you, listening to you, understanding you, and co-building a plan with you that will get you the results you desire.
Do any of these statements sound like you?
  • I am a high achiever with high potential but am unfocused and feel like I’m spinning my wheels.
  • I haven’t achieved as much as I thought I would have at this point in my life.
  • I am working so hard and doing what I think is right, but can’t seem to be as successful as I want.
  • I get excited when I pick new goals, but quickly stop working on them.
  • I get frustrated when I set a goal and then lose focus and return to old habits.
We have good news!
You have exactly what it takes to make your personal vision a reality.  Most successful achievers go through a time of struggle and uncertainty.  Throughout history, breakthrough moments are what drives people to achieve great things.  In our experience, it is a matter of getting “unstuck” from ingrained thought patterns that results in these breakthrough moments.  We will guide you through exercises and assignments to shed previous belief systems about what is and is not possible, so that you can focus on making positive change.

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What is Coaching?

"Coaching isn't therapy.  It's product development, with you as the product."
- Fast Company

First, let's talk about what coaching isn't.

Coaching Isn't Therapy. The goal of therapy is help clients heal emotional wounds and manage mental illness.  Therapy focuses on the client's past in an effort to get the client to be fully functional in the present.

Coaches don't spend too much in the past, and don't typically try to analyze past behavior.  Coaching focuses on getting a client who is already functioning well to excel in their field or to overcome present obstacles and challenges standing in the way of a client's success.

Coaching Isn't Consulting.  Consultants analyze their clients, sometimes their clients’ business practices, ascertain the problems, and come up with a solution for the client.  Consultants do not normally stay to implement the solution or to ensure the solution is working for the client -- that work is up to the client.

Coaches do use their intuition and active listening skills to help the client find the true inner blocks to their success.  But, in a coaching relationship, the client is always the driver.  The client comes up with the solutions to their challenges and, with the help of the coach, works to implement those solutions during the coaching relationship.  The coach is there to provide accountability, a neutral sounding board, and insight, as needed.

Coaching isn't Mentoring.  A mentor is an expert in their field who is willing to impart their years of expertise, skill, and knowledge to direct someone newer to the field on best practices.  A mentor offers guidance from their personal experience.

Coaches don't need to have personal experience to help a client -- we use our coaching skills, intuition, and active listening to help our clients solve their own problems.

So What is Coaching?
Coaching is a way to improve yourself and help you reach the "next level."  A person who has lots of great ideas but has a hard time following through would benefit from coaching.  A person who really wants to achieve a "big" goal but has no idea how to get there would benefit from coaching.  A person who has goals and knows how to achieve them, but keeps putting them on the back-burner would benefit from coaching.

"The skills and ideas you gain from your coach may endure well beyond the paid coaching period, so you aren't just paying for your time on the phone or for short-term benefits.  Ideally, you're paying for a permanent shift to a higher level of performance. For example, if a coach can help train you to become an early riser, that gain is yours for life.  Even though good coaching isn't cheap, the results can easily make it worthwhile." -Steve Pavlina, author of Personal Development for Smart People.

How much does coaching cost?
We understand that people want a coaching relationship for very different reasons. First and foremost, Matt and Jaime want to be sure that coaching is the right tool for you and we are the right coaches for you.  Talk to us about what your needs are, and we'll explain what package might be best for you.

Contact Matt or Jaime to schedule a complimentary coaching session that will guide you toward the life you want!

Sample Packages
Although we will always customize a coaching package that works for your needs, we know that some clients want some information up front.  Here are a few recent examples of client packages:

Client A:  
Goals:  Wanted a regular, long-standing commitment with coach to work on big opportunities and long-standing personal blocks to success for maximum personal and professional growth. 
Coaching Package:  Six months of weekly 45-minute phone calls and unlimited email access to coach.  Included a Core Energy assessment and debrief and an Energy Leadership book.

Client B:
Goals:  Wanted a regularly scheduled session with coach and enough time in between sessions to work on the goals and assignments discussed in each session.
Coaching Package:  1 hour in-person sessions once every three weeks for 12 weeks, and unlimited email access to coach.

Client C:
Goals:  Wanted a monthly accountability 'check-up' to ensure personal and professional goals were being met.
Coaching Package:  One 45-minute phone session per month with unlimited email access to coach.

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